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That Dark Place (2012)

Rupert starred as Nathan in this play, presented as part of Fragments, an evening of five short plays written by Anna Jordan.

There is a related article by Anna Jordan here on the WAP Theatre site: Small But Perfectly Formed: The Short Play.

Julie’s Response

I was lucky enough to see Rupert Young perform in a short play called ‘That Dark Place’. It was one of five short pieces, collectively titled Fragments, written by Anna Jordan. All the plays were interesting, and certainly well presented by a great ensemble cast. They were very much about being human in an overwhelming world. All of them were a bit twisted in some way, but all heartening and mostly managing to find a glint of optimism somewhere in amidst the heartache. All of them were a bit black, but also very funny. And all of them were very well written!

Rupert was in the third play, ‘That Dark Place’, as Nathan, with Christina Gallon as his wife Constance, and Roger Woods as Dermot.

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Company (2011)

Rupert was absolutely awesome as Bobby in this musical by Stephen Sondheim.

  • Southwark Playhouse, London (2 February – 12 March 2011)
  • Director: Joe Fredericks


John Clum in Theatre Reviews (‘Best of 2011’, 21 December 2011): ‘This revivial of Sondheim’s classic musical … with Rupert Young making Bobby a real three-dimensional character was the best performance of this Sondheim classic I have seen.’

And John Clum earlier in Theatre Reviews (14 February 2011): ‘Rupert Young’s Robert is a troubled man with bad dreams. Facing thirty-five is clearly a crisis for him. Young brings more charisma and energy to Robert than any performer I have seen. He’s a very physical actor and his big moments really fill the theatre. Robert’s eleven o’clock number, “Being Alive” was not just a big song belted, but a real cry for help, sung beautifully but also acted. I only knew Young from supporting roles on stage and on television. This production proved he has real star quality. One understood why everyone loved Robert.’

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Much Ado About Nothing (2010)

Rupert played Benedick (oh my heart!) in this production of Much Ado about Nothing at the Shakespeare Festival Neuss in Germany, while Rupert was filming the third season of Merlin.

  • Shakespeare Festival Neuss, Germany (21-24 July 2010)
  • Director: Stephen Jameson

The production is featured here on the Festival website, and here on the Internet Shakespeare Editions site.

I have also found a Facebook page for the production that includes some photos, which I’ll upload to a separate gallery page.

Interestingly, Helen Bradbury was Rupert’s Beatrice – and she also played Grace Tranfield with him in The Philanderer. Rob Heaps was Claudio – and he played Bobby with Rupert in While the Sun Shines. I have to say this sounds like perfect casting!

I also found a marvellous promotional video which includes him singing, waltzing with his Beatrice, and generally being his adorable self! However, it now seems to have vanished.

Afterlife (2008)

Rupert played the character Kurt (and was part of the ensemble) for this production of a new play by Michael Frayn.

  • National Theatre (3 June – 30 August 2008)
  • Director: Michael Blakemore

The production is still featured here on the National Theatre website.

Rupert rehearsing for Afterlife, by Conrad Blakemore
Rupert rehearsing for Afterlife, by Conrad Blakemore

French Without Tears (2007)

Rupert played the character Brian Curtis in this play by Terrence Rattigan, for the English Touring Theatre (ETT) company.

  • Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford (14 – 17 February 2007)
  • Malvern Theatres, Malvern (20 – 24 February 2007)
  • Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge (27 February – 4 March 2007)
  • Richmond Theatre, Richmond (6 – 10 March 2007)
  • Theatre Royal Brighton, Brighton (20 – 24 March 2007)
  • Director: Paul Miller

You can find out more about this production here on the ETT site.


The cast works away with a light touch to show the changing dynamics between the characters. … Jenna Harrison is perfect as the luscious yet vulnerable Diana, as is Rupert Young as the practical Brian. Hannah Yelland as the love-lorn ‘Jack’ and Adam James as the commander grow warmer before our eyes. Under Paul Miller’s crisp direction, the production has a very organic feel to it. Graham Gurrin, The Stage, 19 February 2007

Rupert in rehearsals for French Without Tears
Rupert in rehearsals for French Without Tears

Sleeping Beauty (2006)

Rupert played the character Prince Peter in this Christmas pantomime.

  • Salisbury Playhouse (6 December 2006 – 6 January 2007)
  • Director: Jeremy Bond


Kevin Catchpole in The British Theatre Guide (2006): ‘… the role of Prince Peter goes this year to newcomer Rupert Young, a young man with a friendly personality and a pleasing singing voice who is a good match for the pretty Aurora of Diana Eskell.’

Isn’t that just our Rupert to a T? ♥

Lesley Bates in The Stage (12 December 2006) mentioned that: ‘Rupert Young’s tree-hugging prince is matched by Diana Eskell’s sparky princess …’

(I’m sure Merlin fans will have a chuckle over the ‘tree-hugging prince’…)

Cymbeline (2005)

Rupert played the character Guiderius in this rarely performed Shakespeare play.

  • Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, London (10 June – 3 September 2005)
  • Director: Rachel Kavanaugh


Charles Spencer in The Telegraph (13 June 2005): ‘And there is strong support from … Rupert Young and Dominic Marsh as Imogen’s long-lost, hilariously hearty brothers who range round the mountains of Wales like superannuated boy scouts.’