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Rupert is:

    • attending Wales Comic Con in Telford on 18-19 November! | DMJ Consultancy
    • cast in the horror film By the Throat, directed by David Luke Rees, and due for release in 2024. No details yet about Rupert’s role. | ScreenDaily
    • maybe returning as Jack Featherington in season 3 of Bridgerton…? This article in includes our Rupert in the cast list – though that could be an unedited copy-and-paste from season 2…

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Celebrity Cutouts!

Thanks to the prompting of our fan-friend Angie, Celebrity Cutouts now have Rupert in stock! You, too, can have a 6ft 3in (193cm) cutout of Rupert looming in your home, either in casual dress or that beautiful green velvet suit he wore to the Bridgerton premiere. If that feels like just too much to cope with, there are also “mini” versions available at 1ft 9in (60cm) tall.

Celebrity Cutout - casual

Celebrity Cutouts - suit

For when you can’t have the real thing!

“Rupert Young reveals the joys of ‘Bridgerton’ series two” by Far Out Magazine

An interview by Calum Russell in response to Bridgerton’s second season.

Read the full interview on

Do you think there’s a reason behind Bridgerton’s success?

It’s something that everyone can watch and it’s easy to follow, you’re interested in all the characters. People are represented on the screen, it just seems like a glamorous, joyous time and a celebration of people. I think it took everyone by surprise how popular it was, but it just shows that people deep down love a great love story and love that kind of period.

“In Conversation with Bridgerton’s Rupert Young” by Fucking Young! (2022)

An interview by Mira Postolache for the rather provocatively named Fucking Young! magazine…

You can read the full interview on

A letter to your FUTURE self. What would you write?

Dear Me,

Do not overthink. Try new things constantly. Do not be afraid of failing. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Don’t put off anything. Let go of things you have no control over.

Love Me.