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Goths (2010)

Rupert featured in the pilot episode of Goths, directed by Jeremy Webb for Merlin producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy of Shine. The episode was written by Jack Thorne and Ben Schiffer.

Unfortunately nothing has (yet?) come of this, but it seems obvious to me that we need more Rupert on our television screens, so let’s hope there are other producers who agree!

When I had the chance once, I commented to Jeremy that I could see Rupert as a Goth.

‘No,’ he replied, ‘he was the chartered surveyor.’

LOL! I got that wrong! Sounds like Rupert was the straight man of the show!

If anyone has any more info about this, we’d love to hear it.

P.S. The attached date of 1 November is approximate, but it was definitely filmed in 2010.

Halo: Reach trailer (2010)

Rupert featured in a (brief) non-speaking role in the live-action trailer for the video game Halo: Reach. The stories in the trailer seem to all be about parents and children, so I’m crediting him here as unnamed father!

Thank you to Manuela for finding a copy of the trailer’s extended version on YouTube for me. ♥

You’ll find some screen captures below the cut. There’s some cool photography in this ad!

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Much Ado About Nothing (2010)

Rupert played Benedick (oh my heart!) in this production of Much Ado about Nothing at the Shakespeare Festival Neuss in Germany, while Rupert was filming the third season of Merlin.

  • Shakespeare Festival Neuss, Germany (21-24 July 2010)
  • Director: Stephen Jameson

The production is featured here on the Festival website, and here on the Internet Shakespeare Editions site.

I have also found a Facebook page for the production that includes some photos, which I’ll upload to a separate gallery page.

Interestingly, Helen Bradbury was Rupert’s Beatrice – and she also played Grace Tranfield with him in The Philanderer. Rob Heaps was Claudio – and he played Bobby with Rupert in While the Sun Shines. I have to say this sounds like perfect casting!

I also found a marvellous promotional video which includes him singing, waltzing with his Beatrice, and generally being his adorable self! However, it now seems to have vanished.

FALSE POSITIVES: Doctor Who (2010)

I have since heard from Rupert Himself that he never actually appeared in Doctor Who, and he has no idea where this IMDB listing came from. Which is a damned shame for all kinds of reasons!

Well! This popped up on Rupert’s IMDB page, so I assume it’s all legit … and it gives me something more to ask him about at the next con I attend!

Rupert apparently had an uncredited role as a Roman in this episode of Doctor Who.

  • The Pandorica Opens (19 June 2010)
  • Directed by Toby Haynes

I just squinted my way through the episode, and think I’ve spotted him in the background of the scene where the Doctor faces down a whole universe of spaceships …

Rupert as a Roman in Doctor Who ... the tall guy in the middle there?
Rupert as a Roman in Doctor Who … the tall guy in the middle there?

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