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Merlin: From nerve-wracking audition to series finale (2011)

Rupert wrote an article for the BBC’s TV Blog website during the lead-up to the fourth season finale of Merlin. He talks about how he was cast for Sir Leon, and how the character has grown since then. Among other things, Rupert said:

Sir Leon started off as a very small role. I was only meant to be in one scene jousting Arthur, but at the read-through I was given a couple more lines. I arrived on the first day of filming series two, having learned my line for that day – “The King commands your presence immediately” – and when it came to my first take I fluffed it.

You can read the full article here.

Company (2011)

Rupert was absolutely awesome as Bobby in this musical by Stephen Sondheim.

  • Southwark Playhouse, London (2 February – 12 March 2011)
  • Director: Joe Fredericks


John Clum in Theatre Reviews (‘Best of 2011’, 21 December 2011): ‘This revivial of Sondheim’s classic musical … with Rupert Young making Bobby a real three-dimensional character was the best performance of this Sondheim classic I have seen.’

And John Clum earlier in Theatre Reviews (14 February 2011): ‘Rupert Young’s Robert is a troubled man with bad dreams. Facing thirty-five is clearly a crisis for him. Young brings more charisma and energy to Robert than any performer I have seen. He’s a very physical actor and his big moments really fill the theatre. Robert’s eleven o’clock number, “Being Alive” was not just a big song belted, but a real cry for help, sung beautifully but also acted. I only knew Young from supporting roles on stage and on television. This production proved he has real star quality. One understood why everyone loved Robert.’

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