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Wii Music (2008)

Rupert featured as the drummer in a few ads for the Nintendo Wii Music game. Thank you to Sandra for the heads-up!

I am dating this to October 2008, as that’s when Wii Music was launched – and it seems right, judging by his hair at least. (The following videos were uploaded to YouTube in 2013, but he had long hair throughout that year.)

… I always did have a thing for drummers.

Afterlife (2008)

Rupert played the character Kurt (and was part of the ensemble) for this production of a new play by Michael Frayn.

  • National Theatre (3 June – 30 August 2008)
  • Director: Michael Blakemore

The production is still featured here on the National Theatre website.

Rupert rehearsing for Afterlife, by Conrad Blakemore
Rupert rehearsing for Afterlife, by Conrad Blakemore

Primeval (2008)

Rupert played the character Mike in the following episode:

  • Episode #2.2 (19 January 2008)
  • Director: Andrew Gunn

He was The Handsome Man who got the girl… and had to make an impression in five seconds flat. Perfectly cast, really!

Rupert as Mike in Primeval
Rupert as Mike in Primeval
  • This screenshot is shared here with respect but without permission. All rights remain with ITV for Primeval.