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The Secret Garden (2020)

Rupert plays the role of Marcus in this new adaptation of the novel The Secret Garden, directed by Marc Munden. Colin Firth stars as Lord Archibald Craven and Julie Walters as Mrs Medlock.

Marcus is the main character Mary’s father, and we only see him during a few flashbacks, but Rupert is as charming as ever!

BBC Merlin fans will recognise one of the filming locations as Puzzlewood, as featured in the banner above.

Release of the film was significantly delayed, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More info available on

Screen captures used with the greatest respect but without permission.

Writers Retreat (2015)

Rupert appears as Alisdair in the film Writers Retreat made by MoliFilms Entertainment with director Diego Rocha.

They really made us wait for this one! It was first screened on 16 October 2015, at a film festival in Spain: SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. The film’s page on the festival website is here. The film’s Facebook page announced ‘Coming to theatres summer 2016’, but alas that proved overly optimistic.

The film finally scored a distributor in the US and was released to the anxiously awaiting public on 17 April 2018. Huzzah!

However, the film is currently available for sale from Amazon US only, so if you can play a Region 1 DVD you’re in luck. Or if you’re in the right part of the world, you can watch it via Prime Video.

Otherwise, you can watch a trailer here on the film’s Facebook page. Here’s a screen grab from the trailer…

Rupert is one of the leaders of the writers group, along with the main point-of-view character, so we get to see a fair bit of him. Which is always a good thing. ♥

This Love (2012)

Rupert features as the Other Man in this short film which was accepted for the Short Film Corner 2012 at the Cannes Film Festival! His Company co-star Poppy Roe also stars.

  • Filmed in January 2012
  • Director: Joseph Warley

I don’t know anything much about it yet, but here are some links:

  • page on IMDB
  • page on Forward Motion Pictures (production company) website
  • page on Facebook… with behind-the-scenes photos! (Thanks to Kay for the heads-up. ♥)
Rupert in This Love
Rupert in This Love, photo by Lenka Rayn H

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Just Because You’re Paranoid… (2009)

Rupert starred as Derek in this short film, a delightfully funny two-hander with Ian McNeice.

  • Made for the UK Film Council in April 2009
  • Director: Thomas Grove Carter
Rupert as poor Derek in Just Because You're Paranoid
Rupert as poor Derek in Just Because You're Paranoid...

P.S. The date of the first of the month is approximate, but it was definitely made in April 2009.

still researching…

This is a list of Rupert’s work that we’re still researching – things we’ve heard about or seen glimpses of, but don’t have enough confirmed details about to post. If you can help us with more information and links or images, we’d very much appreciate it!


  • The Ministry, a film by Ben Kent, featuring Rupert and Jasmine Hemsley – the team who brought us Helen and Ben!
  • Rupert filmed something in England in November 2013 for a project to be released in 2014 … though we still don’t know what! And he didn’t seem all that certain that he wouldn’t end up on the cutting room floor. {sad face}
  • Rupert filmed a movie in the US in 2015. No further details yet, but this was mentioned in an interview, and he mentions ‘a new comedy-drama’ in another interview.
  • Rupert was off on a new work project as of early December 2016, though we don’t know what! Perhaps the Bet Victor ad…?


  • Feeding Time at the BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), as listed in the Company programme. This is perhaps the production which ran from 22 November to 11 December 2005. Listing for the production on UK Theatre Web. I can’t find a full cast list, but other actors have referenced the production on their CVs.
  • Three’s a Crowd at Shepherd Churchill Hall, as listed in the Company programme. This might be one of Rupert’s joke listings, but there’s a “Broadway revue” with this title that dates back to 1930. The Hall is real enough, and can be found at Harrow school. So perhaps this is one of his early / amateur efforts…?
  • Rupert possibly? probably? hopefully! appeared in performances of The Show Must Go On! concert at the Palace Theatre on 13-15 November 2020 and 20-24 January 2021. This is a collection of cast performances from various West End shows, including Dear Evan Hansen, with profits going to Acting For Others and The Fleabag Support Fund. With no specific cast lists, I’m left with more questions than answers! More info and ticket sales here.

As I said above, any help would be awesome!