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Matisse Live from Tate Modern (2014)

Rupert took part in the cinema event Matisse Live from Tate Modern on the evening of Tuesday 3 June (with further screenings from 4 November). He was the narrator for the film, with Francine Stock presenting and Simon Russell Beale standing in for Matisse.

Matisse banner

Thanks to Manuela, we discovered that the director Phil Grabsky had some lovely things to say about Rupert in his blog:

… I moved on to the narrative of the Matisse film. For this important role, we’d chosen Rupert Young. My younger viewers will know him from Merlin. He is, as my daughter explains, the knight that never dies. Very nice guy and I liked his approach to the reading – nothing pompous or arty – just good strong storytelling. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

Of course you’ll get no disagreement from me on the ‘very nice guy’ remark – and the rest was absolutely true as well. I’ve just come home from watching the event, and I enjoyed it greatly.

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