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EM-Con Worcester (2018)

Rupert attended EM-Con Worcester on 8 April 2018. While the con was a bit busier than the previous one in Kent, Rupert took the time to have a good chat with all the fans who came his way. He’s such a great guy to meet!

He didn’t take part in any panels this time, but there were autographs available and a photo shoot. I took the opportunity to ask for a ‘portrait’ shot of just him, as well as one of me with him. Here’s a scanned and cropped version for your delectation…

Isn’t he lovely? ♥ Once I have the full version, I’m wondering how best to use it for the site. Are splash screens terribly passé these days…?

Medway Comic and Screen Festival, Gillingham, Kent (2018)

Rupert attended the Medway Comic and Screen Festival along with Alex Vlahos (Mordred in Merlin) on the Saturday.

It was a nice, friendly, small convention, so I had the chance to have a bit of a chat with Rupert, which was lovely. I don’t have any real news to pass on, though! We haven’t seen him for a little while, but he says he’s been doing lots of workshops.

Given that I’m moving back to Australia later this year, I took the opportunity to give away the last of my Merlin Locations tat. Most of it went to my fannish friends, but I gave Rupert a beanie and Alex a baseball hat. They were both kind enough to thank me for the hats via their autographs.

The organisers of the Merlin 10 Year Anniversary Convention were then kind enough to use the beanie to hold the tickets when they asked Rupert to draw a raffle winner. How cool is that! You can see the video here on Twitter. Thank you, all, and congratulations to Tess!

All in all, it was a really lovely day, with lots of Rupert and lots of Merlin Family fun. I’m gonna miss you guys!

MCM Comic Con, London (2017)

I have had the most awesome Ruperlicious day today! Rupert attended MCM Comic Con in London, along with Merlin castmate Alex Vlahos, on the Saturday and Sunday. They seemed to be having a fun time of it, and the fans certainly were, too.


I started off my Sunday with an autograph from Rupert. He was kind enough, as usual, to ask me what was happening with me, so I told him my big news – which is retiring from the day job, and being able to write full time. He was appropriately congratulatory in response!

It’s been far too long (for us fans, anyway!) since we saw him last in Wrexham, but he seems to have enjoyed taking some time out.

He seemed pretty impressed by my Sir Leon t-shirt, which is a Red Scharlach special, and he quizzed me about it at length. So (later in the day) I asked if we could take a ‘reaction shot’ for Red…

Rupert is astounded by Red Scharlach’s artwork!

After my Rupert autograph, I went to seek one from Warwick Davis. He’s such a great guy with us fans, has the most gorgeous smile, and he’s just been in everything that’s anything – including Merlin, of course!

I had to ask them for a Merlin photo, as there weren’t any on display – but a very nice one was duly forthcoming, and I asked him to sign it with ‘Courage, Strength and Magic’. He is such a sweetheart. ♥

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Wales Comic Con, Wrexham (2017)

Rupert attended this fan convention on 8-9 April 2017, along with his Merlin colleagues and fellow knights, Tom Hopper and Alex Vlahos.

A terrific time was had by all! I wrote about it at length in this post on the Merlin Locations site. But here’s a little bit of Ruperlicious goodness to tide you over!

Rupert, Julie, the mischievous Alex and Tom at Wales Comic Con.

These three are just totes adorbs!

Cardiff Film & Comic Con (2014)

I had an absolutely marvellous day on the Sunday of the Cardiff Film and Comic Con, due in no small part to the presence of Rupert ‘Fabulous’ Young, and keeping company with Karen, one of my many fellow Merlin!fan stalwarts. Unfortunately we never saw our mate Nick. (Where were you, Nick…?)

Early Birds

My first task (and I chose to accept it) was to seek Rupert’s autograph.

Rupert from the Gay Times photo shoot by Leigh Keily
Rupert from the Gay Times photo shoot by Leigh Keily

I was there early, so the queues were very reasonable, and dear Rupert could take the time to chat to each of us. Not realising that he was also doing a Q&A later, I took the chance to quiz him rather!

The first thing to note is that his hair is cut quite short at the moment – he joked that, like Samson, he feels quite weak now. He said it had been for a part. However, he kept his NY baseball cap on the whole time, so I’m afraid I can’t report on the full effect!

I asked him about the Doctor Who credit that had suddenly appeared on his IMDB page – and he said it wasn’t true at all! He has no idea where that came from. So I will have to demote my post about it. (What shall I call such things? False positives…? Lies, damned lies, and rumours?)

Rupert is currently considering two offers of acting work, only one of which he will be able to accept due to clashing timeframes. One is a TV show and the other is a theatre play. He seemed in a genuine quandary – though later in the Q&A he seemed to be leaning towards the play. But it’s great to know he’s in such demand!

As we’d heard, Rupert was filming something late last year, but he seemed unsure as to whether anything would eventuate, or if/when the film appears whether his role would be included or cut. So that’s half tantalising and half frustrating!

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