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That Dark Place (2012)

Rupert starred as Nathan in this play, presented as part of Fragments, an evening of five short plays written by Anna Jordan.

There is a related article by Anna Jordan here on the WAP Theatre site: Small But Perfectly Formed: The Short Play.

Julie’s Response

I was lucky enough to see Rupert Young perform in a short play called ‘That Dark Place’. It was one of five short pieces, collectively titled Fragments, written by Anna Jordan. All the plays were interesting, and certainly well presented by a great ensemble cast. They were very much about being human in an overwhelming world. All of them were a bit twisted in some way, but all heartening and mostly managing to find a glint of optimism somewhere in amidst the heartache. All of them were a bit black, but also very funny. And all of them were very well written!

Rupert was in the third play, ‘That Dark Place’, as Nathan, with Christina Gallon as his wife Constance, and Roger Woods as Dermot.

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