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Rupert is:

  • appearing as Jack in season 2 of Bridgerton!!! I always wanted to see him in a Regency romance… This is apparently “a major new role … created for the series; he is not in the books”. | Deadline
  • returning as Atticus (Hurrah!) in the audio play Cicero: The Crossroads, a follow-up to Big Finish’s  first series of Cicero (2018). The digital download is available to pre-order here at Big Finish, with more information here. It is due for release in July 2021. New photo shared below!
  • unfortunately on an unexpected holiday! Dear Evan Hansen, along with other West End shows, has closed down for now, due to the current pandemic. I’m so sorry for everyone affected by this closure, including the theatre staff as well as the cast and the audiences. ETA: DEH West End is back from 26 October 2021, with tickets on sale from 18 May. Indications are that Rupert will return!
Rupert Young (Atticus), Laura Riseborough (Terentia) and Samuel Barnett (Cicero) in Cicero: The Crossroads. Photo borrowed with respect but not permission from Big Finish via We Are Cult.

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Looper (2021)

Sabienna Bowman explains “Why Jack from Bridgerton Season 2 looks so familiar”.

The ton is absolutely buzzing about the latest additions to the cast of Bridgerton season 2, including the mysterious Jack played by Rupert Young. Even though he’s not a household name just yet, fans of British TV have likely seen Young before. The 42-year-old actor has been working steadily since 2004, and has managed to make small appearances in everything from Doc Martin to Doctor Who.

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