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Much Ado About Nothing (2010)

Rupert played Benedick (oh my heart!) in this production of Much Ado about Nothing at the Shakespeare Festival Neuss in Germany, while Rupert was filming the third season of Merlin.

  • Shakespeare Festival Neuss, Germany (21-24 July 2010)
  • Director: Stephen Jameson

The production is featured here on the Festival website, and here on the Internet Shakespeare Editions site.

I have also found a Facebook page for the production that includes some photos, which I’ll upload to a separate gallery page.

Interestingly, Helen Bradbury was Rupert’s Beatrice – and she also played Grace Tranfield with him in The Philanderer. Rob Heaps was Claudio – and he played Bobby with Rupert in While the Sun Shines. I have to say this sounds like perfect casting!

I also found a marvellous promotional video which includes him singing, waltzing with his Beatrice, and generally being his adorable self! However, it now seems to have vanished.