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The Rose and the Ring (2001)

This appears to be Rupert’s first professional role, but the details are a bit muddled and/or lost in the mists of time.

Rupert’s official CV has him playing Mr Smith in The Rose and the Ring at the King’s Head Theatre, directed by Lucy Skilbeck. There are other citations mentioning the King’s Head Theatre as well.

However, the production actually seems to have been at the Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar. (Unless it was staged at both, of course!)

Anyway! I’ve found the following links:

The musical is based on the ‘satirical work of fantasy fiction’ of the same name by William Makepeace Thackeray (Wikipedia), with music by Michael Jeffrey, and book and lyrics by Peter Morris.

I have to say I’m intrigued!

still researching…

This is a list of Rupert’s work that we’re still researching – things we’ve heard about or seen glimpses of, but don’t have enough confirmed details about to post. If you can help us with more information and links or images, we’d very much appreciate it!


  • The Ministry, a film by Ben Kent, featuring Rupert and Jasmine Hemsley – the team who brought us Helen and Ben!
  • Rupert filmed something in England in November 2013 for a project to be released in 2014 … though we still don’t know what! And he didn’t seem all that certain that he wouldn’t end up on the cutting room floor. {sad face}
  • Rupert filmed a movie in the US in 2015. No further details yet, but this was mentioned in an interview, and he mentions ‘a new comedy-drama’ in another interview.
  • Rupert was off on a new work project as of early December 2016, though we don’t know what! Perhaps the Bet Victor ad…?


  • Feeding Time at the BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) perhaps from ? to 11 December 2005.
  • Three’s a Crowd at the Shepherd Churchill Hall.

As I said above, any help would be awesome!