This fansite is dedicated to the amazing actor Rupert Young who played Sir Leon in the BBC show Merlin, and has since starred in Company, Tonight at 8:30High SocietyThe Philanderer, While the Sun ShinesTwelfth Night and Dear Evan Hansen on the stage.

Breaking News: Rupert has been cast in a horror film, By the Throat! He will also be attending Wales Comic Con in Telford on 18-19 November!!!

Rupert appeared as Jack Featherington in season 2 of Bridgerton! We’re crossing our fingers that he’ll return in season 3…

If you want to keep an eye on what’s happening with Rupert you can click here for the current news. There is a running list of site updates on the news page. You can also follow our Twitter account: @withlove70ways.

The Ruperlicious Crew

My name is Julie, and you’ll probably see a fair bit of me around. However, I am ably assisted by a stalwart crew of fellow Rupert fans.

Feel free to contact me via the Comment forms on any of the pages, or email me on julie@rupertfyoung.com

In particular, we always try to give credit where it’s due for work, including links to the originals where possible. As fans, we share the work of others with our fellow fans for enjoyment only. If you own any of this work, and have concerns, then please get in touch.

In the meantime…

Have fun!

11 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Hey, I just want to say hello and good luck for this fansite for Rupert. This is a very good idea, he deserves to have more sources on the net.

    1. Hello, Kahlan! Thank you so much for your kind wishes. We really appreciate them. ♥ And you are so very right about Rupert… he deserves all this and much much more! :-D

  2. Hey Julie! I’m happy to discover a site talking from Rupert^^ If it’s as good as the sites about the others actors, I think I will come back very fast. Sorry if my English is bad, but.. I’m French Oo I come from hypnoweb^^

  3. Hey!! I love this FanPage….:)
    Sorry my englisch is not so good, i am from Switzerland…..but i visit the FanPage every week, i come back very fast ;)…….good luck for the future……

    1. Hello, Nicole! It’s great to hear from you! Thank you for your support. Keep loving Rupert! ♥

      1. Hey……I look forward and can´t wait fo news and new pictures about rupert……Your page is in my memory from online-pages…..so i found you every time….:)

  4. Hello Julie,
    I browsed your site dedicated to the elegant and attractive Rupert Young and which impressive work.
    Oh I am French, I apologize for my imperfect English and for the faults.
    I am a big admirer of Rupert, I find that he has an incredible talent and a very beautiful voice when he sings, although I know only his interpretation of “Marry me a little”. I followed his work in the cinema and in the TV since 2004, it had certainly small roles but which incredible presence. I would like to see him more often on our screens of course whether it is on the TV or on the movies no matter. For example, I find that he would have been perfect to play in the series Downton Abbey. In France, we qualify its physical appearance in the cinema as: “un jeune premier” or “le gendre idéal” because he is very handsome.
    I would like very much seeing him to the theater unfortunately London is a little bit far and the BBC does not broadcast plays.
    Julie you who are from now on his official biographer :-) and yes he well has to know you now, I ask myself some questions his subject. When you will have the opportunity to meet him you can think of me ?
    1 – On a Russian site, I saw that he was noted as being married to a Czech starlet (link below), nevertheless he doesn’t wear alliance but I have difficulty in believing that one if handsome man is a single man.
    Http: // http://www.kinopoisk.ru / name / 1137528 /
    2 – I noticed that he wore a signet ring in the little finger of the left hand (his brother wears the same in the right hand). What represents this signet ring for him and who is the motive?
    3 – Except in Writers Retreat we are soon going to revise him in a movie or a new series?
    Thank you a lot Julie and see you soon.

    1. Bonjour, Sandra! I am sorry for not replying sooner. Work is taking up a lot of my time lately! Though I have to admit that going to see High Society has taken up a bit of time, too. :-)

      Of course I agree with all you say about Rupert – so delicious and so talented! I hope you will get the chance to see him on stage at some point. I am sure you would find the effort and expense well worth it. He has such a presence…

      In answer to your questions:
      1. I am pretty sure Rupert isn’t married, but I don’t really know. It is hard to imagine he’s single unless he wants to be, that’s for sure! :-) Well, as long as he’s happy, that’s the most important thing.
      2. I am curious about the signet ring, too, though I haven’t been brave enough to ask yet. I assume it has a very personal meaning to him. One day I’ll ask, I promise.
      3. The only things I’m aware of are listed on the current news page, which you’ve seen. There is this mysterious film he worked on in the US, but I have no idea what that was or whether it will come to anything. We will have to live in hope!

      Thank you again for your comment, and for all your kind words, not to mention your excellent taste in admiring Rupert. ♥

  5. Hello <3
    Much love from Xena from Austria – Love your page!
    Hopefully I will meet Rupert this August at the German Castle Con at Burg Solingen :)

    As well thanks so much for the info of the Merlin Con upcoming spring in Birmingham – will be there :)

    1. Hello, Xena! Thank you for your kind words. I’m delighted that you enjoy the site so much!

      Thank you so much for the tip about the German Castle Con. That news had slipped me by! I hope you’ll have an awesome time. Rupert is such a lovely guy to meet.

      Unfortunately we’ve just found out that he won’t be at the con in Birmingham, but the other Merlin people will be there, including Alex, so I’m sure it’ll be well worth the trip.

      Thank you again!

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