Company (2011)

Rupert was absolutely awesome as Bobby in this musical by Stephen Sondheim.

  • Southwark Playhouse, London (2 February – 12 March 2011)
  • Director: Joe Fredericks


John Clum in Theatre Reviews (‘Best of 2011’, 21 December 2011): ‘This revivial of Sondheim’s classic musical … with Rupert Young making Bobby a real three-dimensional character was the best performance of this Sondheim classic I have seen.’

And John Clum earlier in Theatre Reviews (14 February 2011): ‘Rupert Young’s Robert is a troubled man with bad dreams. Facing thirty-five is clearly a crisis for him. Young brings more charisma and energy to Robert than any performer I have seen. He’s a very physical actor and his big moments really fill the theatre. Robert’s eleven o’clock number, “Being Alive” was not just a big song belted, but a real cry for help, sung beautifully but also acted. I only knew Young from supporting roles on stage and on television. This production proved he has real star quality. One understood why everyone loved Robert.’

Kieran James in The Good Review (10 February 2011): ‘… Bobby the flawed hero of the piece charismatically portrayed by the ever watchable Rupert Young whom we follow on his quest for love and companionship. … This play needs a strong lead as so much depends on the audience’s relationship with him, and Young gives a confident and endearing performance capturing the unlikeable qualities of the character and somehow transforming them into something charming, he acts the songs and allows others their moments, it is a generous and skilful portrayal.’

Rupert in Company, Southwark Playhouse
Rupert in Company at the Southwark Playhouse
  • This photo was featured on the production’s website, which no longer exists, and I don’t have a name to credit it to. (Please feel free to claim it, if it’s yours!) All rights remain with Southwark Playhouse and the photographer.

Julie’s Response

Company made me so utterly happy, right from the very first night. I saw it four times during the run, and enjoyed it more each time. Rupert was brilliant. Such a beautiful singing voice, a great stage presence, and embodying exactly the right confused affable  persona as Bobby dares to grow from laid-back to passionate.

The show itself was great. Maybe not something I’d have chosen to see without someone like Rupert in it, but enjoyable. Great ensemble, great musicians. It felt a little uninvolving to start with, but by the end I was right there, heart in my mouth – and maybe that’s the journey I was meant to take, along with Bobby himself.

Rupert was fantastic, whether he was the focus or not. He had a lot to do where he’s just reacting to the others, and he did that so very very well. He was in it almost the whole time. Perfect casting, with all his likeable charming affability in full swing. So very wonderful.

‘… the answer is yes.’ ♥

(And Julie had some more thinky thoughts about Company on her blog over here…)

And here’s a taste of what all the fuss was about…

Here’s an audio recording of Rupert singing the marvellous song ‘Marry Me a Little’. This was originally played during an interview with Company director Joe Fredericks on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune.

  • This audio is shared with respect but without permission. All rights remain with BBC Radio 3 for In Tune and other owner(s). With thanks to BJsRealm on YouTube for being such a great resource.

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