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Mark Cant (2022)

We’ve been absolutely blessed by the results of this photoshoot by Mark Cant on 10 March 2022 – with styling by Ellie Witt, and hair and makeup by Vanesa Miraglia. You can see more of Mark’s wonderful work on his website.

The following images are all captured from various articles, with the greatest respect but without permission.

Ian Philips-McLaren (2015)

Rupert has done a lovely photo shoot with photographer Ian Philips-McLaren … perhaps for renewed self-promotional efforts? Gotta love the results, in any case!

Rupert photographed by Ian Philips-McLaren
Rupert photographed by Ian Philips-McLaren
  • Image used without permission, but with embarrassingly fulsome amounts of gratitude.

Marie Claire (Czech, 2012)

Well. Words fail me! Rupert is featured in another sexy photo shoot, this time for the Czech version of Marie Claire magazine (‘Fashion, beauty, celebrities, news’), with actress Tereza Srbova.

  • ‘Once Upon a Time in Oddington’, posted to the Marie Claire Czech website on 22 October 2012
  • Photographer: Hana Knížová
Photo by Hana Knížová for Marie Claire
Once Upon a Time in Oddington photo by Hana Knížová for Marie Claire

I think I can honestly say I’ve never before wanted a man in wellies to throw me over his shoulder… but now I do.

  • The photo is used with great respect and storms of love, but without permission. All rights remain with Hana Knížová and Marie Claire.