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  • appearing as Jack in season 2 of Bridgerton!!! I always wanted to see him in a Regency romance… This is apparently “a major new role … created for the series; he is not in the books”. | Deadline
  • returning as Atticus (Hurrah!) in the audio play Cicero: The Crossroads, a follow-up to Big Finish’s  first series of Cicero (2018). The digital download is available to pre-order here at Big Finish, with more information here. It is due for release in July 2021. New photo shared below!
  • unfortunately on an unexpected holiday! Dear Evan Hansen, along with other West End shows, has closed down for now, due to the current pandemic. I’m so sorry for everyone affected by this closure, including the theatre staff as well as the cast and the audiences. ETA: DEH West End is back from 26 October 2021, with tickets on sale from 18 May. Indications are that Rupert will return!
Rupert Young (Atticus), Laura Riseborough (Terentia) and Samuel Barnett (Cicero) in Cicero: The Crossroads. Photo borrowed with respect but not permission from Big Finish via We Are Cult.

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Looper (2021)

Sabienna Bowman explains “Why Jack from Bridgerton Season 2 looks so familiar”.

The ton is absolutely buzzing about the latest additions to the cast of Bridgerton season 2, including the mysterious Jack played by Rupert Young. Even though he’s not a household name just yet, fans of British TV have likely seen Young before. The 42-year-old actor has been working steadily since 2004, and has managed to make small appearances in everything from Doc Martin to Doctor Who.

Read the full article at!

All I Want For Christmas Is Theatre (2020)

The Dear Evan Hansen West End cast – including our beloved Rupert – is part of this socially distanced concert on Global digital tickets are available to buy online, which give you access for 7 days.

There is a brief clip of Rupert talking with castmate Jack Loxton, saying he’s looking forward to seeing people again without it being… strange. Then the DEH cast sing “Merry Christmas, Everyone”.

Thanks to Bunnysworld for the heads-up! ♥

Screen captures shared with the greatest respect but without permission.

The Secret Garden (2020)

Rupert plays the role of Marcus in this new adaptation of the novel The Secret Garden, directed by Marc Munden. Colin Firth stars as Lord Archibald Craven and Julie Walters as Mrs Medlock.

Marcus is the main character Mary’s father, and we only see him during a few flashbacks, but Rupert is as charming as ever!

BBC Merlin fans will recognise one of the filming locations as Puzzlewood, as featured in the banner above.

Release of the film was significantly delayed, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More info available on

Screen captures used with the greatest respect but without permission.

Open letter re support for UK theatre (2020)

An open letter has been sent to the UK Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Secretary of State for Culture, that begins: “We are concerned that British theatre is on the brink of ruin.”

There are reports that 70% of theatre venues will run out of money by the end of 2020 due to the restrictions necessary in response to the current pandemic. The letter calls for the UK government to help support the theatres and their workforce, and ensure the future of the theatre industry.

Rupert has signed the letter, along with his fellow nominees for the Olivier Awards. This includes a number of Rupert’s Dear Evan Hansen colleagues, Cassidy Janson (in Company with Rupert) and Colin Morgan (in Merlin with Rupert).

At this stage, the Dear Evan Hansen production is closed until 1 August 2020, and has been since mid March.

You can read commentary and the text of the letter at WhatsOnStage, The Guardian, and other news sites.

Rupert Young is my Favourite Doctor Who (2020)

The inimitable Noodle Snake recorded an amusing podcast which all began with her purchase of a Showmasters poster featuring our own dear Rupert.

Listen in to all the confusions of her Quest to work out why the poster credits Rupert with work in both Merlin and Doctor Who! This very website receives several honourable mentions!! I feel like we’ve punched through to the next level of fame!!! (Or was that infamy?)

Thank you kindly, Noodle mate! I was in need of cheering up today, for sure. ♥