• was born in Lambeth, London on 16 May 1978.
  • is named Rupert Francis Young.
  • began acting at the age of 5, when he played a donkey in a school play – and he says, “I thought I was very good”.
  • followed this up with a role as a tree, which confirmed his newfound ambition to “stand around in the background not saying anything”.
  • “from a very early age, visited the West End with his family and took many trips to the cinema. He was always putting on plays with his siblings and making his parents watch in their living room.” [ interview]
  • deep down, always wanted to be an actor. He worried that his family wouldn’t approve. “But they were actually very supportive and understanding of it. I don’t know if that’s because I wasn’t excelling at anything else.” [ interview]
  • was taught how to play piano by Jean Lloyd Webber (mother of Andrew), who was “a piano teacher with many gifted students“.
  • attended Pangbourne College 1991-96. Ian Busby reports on the Old Pangbournian website, “Rupert was one of my star hockey forwards in an Under-15 side!”
  • was often mentioned in the Pangbourne College annual magazine. You can find the excerpts here.
  • said in an interview, “At 17 I had a drama teacher, Paul Clarke, who directed me in Guys and Dolls who told me after the show I should be an actor and go to drama school. So I applied to LAMDA, where he had gone and I got in.”
  • didn’t attend drama school right away, however, as he couldn’t raise the funds. Instead he took various jobs for a few years, many relating to acting and directing.
  • finally studied at LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) 2001-04.
  • has a brother and a sister – his brother is Justin Young, formerly series producer and head writer for Holby City, and now a freelance writer. Among other things, Justin writes for Sanditon.
  • has a partner, Verity, and a young daughter.
  • doesn’t have a favourite colour as such, but likes wearing brown and/or blue.

You can write to Rupert care of his agent:

  • Rupert Young
    c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd
    Haymarket House
    28-29 Haymarket
    SW1Y 4SP
  • Click here for Rupert’s page on the Curtis Brown website (which now includes a CV, showreel and other goodies).
  • When promoting the availability of “our ravishing Rupert Young” for voiceover work, his former agent said, “Rupert’s voice is sumptuously smooth and stylish that will add a sophisticated touch to many a read.”

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P.S. Rupert is not related to Will Young, the winner of Pop Idol in 2002. However, Will Young did have a twin brother named Rupert, now sadly deceased.

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    1. Hello, Sabrina!

      Yes, Rupert does receive his fanmail. I know he received my first fan letter to him, as he very kindly replied. And I know he received a later letter as, while he didn’t reply, he mentioned it to me when I saw him at a con.

      Good luck with yours! ♥

    1. Hello, Sabrina! Yes, Rupert is still with Curtis Brown, so you should have no problems writing to him care of that address. Good luck!

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