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Quick & Dirty with Rupert Young (2014)

In the lead-up to Rupert’s attendance at the Supanova conventions in Australia, he was interviewed by Angela Allan.

There is nothing better than being part of a loyal band of brothers which us knights became and my favorite moments were – aside from sword fighting – when we were in our cloaks and on horses galloping into the castle in France. There would usually be school parties watching filming or looking around and when they saw us ride in they would look at us in awe. You couldn’t help but feel pretty cool.

The full interview can be found at Soot Magazine.

Twitter Q+A with Nuffield Theatre for ‘Tonight at 8:30’ (2014)

Rupert took part in a Twitter Q+A as part of the promotion for the Noel Coward plays Tonight at 8:30, in which he’s currently featuring at Nuffield Theatre in Southampton. If you can’t make it there, remember the show goes on tour throughout England. Details are in this post.

Unfortunately I completely missed the Q+A, but a good friend of mine has kindly compiled a transcript, which I’ve copied below (with her permission).

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals or routines?
A: I do a singing warm up for half an hour then go through the script then get into costume at the quarter. 5 mins to myself before the show

Q: Are you superstitious?
A: Yes, every do often, like always taking a sip of water at the same points in the play each day.

Q: Which of the parts you play in #TonightAt830 is your favourite?
A: I love Karl in We Were Dancing, for instant audience reaction. Also Simon in Shadow Play and I love Alf in Red Peppers.

Q: From @DCTully Which play is your favourite?
A: My favourite keeps changing. Red Peppers is great to watch. Astonished Heart is an extraordinary play, all of them at some point! There isn’t a play in the nine that I don’t absolutely adore.

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‘Merlin’ spinoff about Sir Leon? Rupert Young is waiting (2013)

Another interview with Rupert prompted by the Merlin fifth season finale in the US – again by Curt Wagner for RedEye Chicago.

I’m waiting for my big moment, you know? I am waiting for the spinoff. I think it will be more ‘Games of Thrones,’ a little bit darker. So kind of a nine o’clock show. Maybe Starz can pick it up, make it a little bit more adult—more nudity.

Read the full article here.

‘Merlin’ finale: Rupert Young talks Camelot, knighthood and more (2013)

Rupert did a Merlin fifth season finale interview with Noelene Clark for the Los Angeles Times ‘Hero Complex’ site. It’s worth a read!

Leon was always a stickler for rules, who would probably be really annoyed if he didn’t win Knight of the Year award every year.

You can read the full article here.

The Hypable site ran a pared down version of this interview here on 31 May, titled ‘The knight who wouldn’t die’.

Rupert Young on ‘Merlin’: ‘We saw the show out in style’ (2013)

Rupert was interviewed by Curt Wagner for the RedEye Chicago website as part of Merlin‘s fifth season finale promotion. This interview in particular is nice and in-depth! (I love how the first direct question is about his hair…)

You heard I played a donkey? That’s very good knowledge. Yeah, that’s when I realized I was destined to the stage, I think. My mother made me an amazing donkey ears. I was always taken to the theater with my mum to see things. Theater seemed really exciting to me. … I’ve been so lucky.

You can read the full article here.

‘Merlin’ star Rupert Young dishes on his fellow knights (2013)

Rupert was interviewed by Curt Wagner for the RedEye Chicago website as part of the fifth season finale promotion in the US. You can read the interview and see the associated photo gallery here. However, I’ve also copied the text below for the sake of having it all in one place (all rights remain with the author and RedEye).

1. [photo of] Rupert Young, who played Sir Leon

Rupert Young had plans to get together with Eoin Macken the day of our interview, and with Tom Hopper the day after. “It really was like a kind of sibling relationship–especially with the knights,” Young said of the bond between the “Merlin” actors. “We can wind each other up but also we just have a real laugh together.”

2. Knights of the Roundtable, with Merlin

The cast and crew of “Merlin” finished filming the fifth and final season quite awhile ago, but that doesn’t mean they don’t see each other any more. According to Rupert Young, many of the actors still get together. With that in mind, I asked Young to do an exercise in which I said a co-star’s name (mostly those who played the Knights of the Roundtable) and he said what popped into his head.

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Exclusive: Rupert Young on the Merlin Finale and Sir Leon (2013)

Rupert was interviewed by Jenna Busch as the final episodes of Merlin were being broadcast in the United States. Among other things, Rupert said about the series finale:

I think we wouldn’t have done our job if people aren’t sad. I think people are going be satisfied. I think it could’ve gone on for another few series, but I think it’s good to end with people wanting more, so I think we end on a high.

You can read the full article here.