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Exclusive: Rupert Young on the Merlin Finale and Sir Leon (2013)

Rupert was interviewed by Jenna Busch as the final episodes of Merlin were being broadcast in the United States. Among other things, Rupert said about the series finale:

I think we wouldn’t have done our job if people aren’t sad. I think people are going be satisfied. I think it could’ve gone on for another few series, but I think it’s good to end with people wanting more, so I think we end on a high.

You can read the full article here.

Merlin: From nerve-wracking audition to series finale (2011)

Rupert wrote an article for the BBC’s TV Blog website during the lead-up to the fourth season finale of Merlin. He talks about how he was cast for Sir Leon, and how the character has grown since then. Among other things, Rupert said:

Sir Leon started off as a very small role. I was only meant to be in one scene jousting Arthur, but at the read-through I was given a couple more lines. I arrived on the first day of filming series two, having learned my line for that day – “The King commands your presence immediately” – and when it came to my first take I fluffed it.

You can read the full article here.

Merlin: Secrets and Magic (2009)

Rupert appeared in the following two episodes of this behind-the-scenes feature for the second season of the BBC show Merlin:

  • Fit for a King (2 October 2009)
  • Director: Mark Proctor
  • Con-Troll Freak (2 November 2009)
  • Director: Mark Proctor

And naturally he was his usual personable self!

Rupert in Con-Troll Freak
Rupert being charming in Con-Troll Freak
  • The screenshot is used with respect but without permission. All rights remain with BBC One and Shine.