Twitter Q+A with Nuffield Theatre for ‘Tonight at 8:30’ (2014)

Rupert took part in a Twitter Q+A as part of the promotion for the Noel Coward plays Tonight at 8:30, in which he’s currently featuring at Nuffield Theatre in Southampton. If you can’t make it there, remember the show goes on tour throughout England. Details are in this post.

Unfortunately I completely missed the Q+A, but a good friend of mine has kindly compiled a transcript, which I’ve copied below (with her permission).

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals or routines?
A: I do a singing warm up for half an hour then go through the script then get into costume at the quarter. 5 mins to myself before the show

Q: Are you superstitious?
A: Yes, every do often, like always taking a sip of water at the same points in the play each day.

Q: Which of the parts you play in #TonightAt830 is your favourite?
A: I love Karl in We Were Dancing, for instant audience reaction. Also Simon in Shadow Play and I love Alf in Red Peppers.

Q: From @DCTully Which play is your favourite?
A: My favourite keeps changing. Red Peppers is great to watch. Astonished Heart is an extraordinary play, all of them at some point! There isn’t a play in the nine that I don’t absolutely adore.

Q: From @ce_underhill What has been the most interesting aspect of rehearsing for the shows?
A: Working with such a talented cast and crew. The unique opportunity to play a lead in one play followed by a supporting role. And just being a true ensemble company.

Q: What’s the difference between working onstage and on TV?
A: More rehearsal time in theatre and the opportunity to get to know the whole company over a longer period.

Q: Why did you become an actor?
A: I always loved theatre. I started acting at school and a director there told me to go to drama school. I owe it all to @paul_clarkson1

Q: From @snazzynicole What’s your dream role?
A: I’m always looking to challenge myself and play a role different from anything I’ve done before. A good script & an interesting character

Q: How does #TonightAt830 compare to other theatre jobs you’ve had?
A: It’s been the most epic, rehearsing 6 hours of theatre in 4 weeks is both terrifying and wonderfully exhilarating!

Q: From @DCTully Is there a character you don’t play that you’d like to have tried?
A: Having seen how incredible everybody is in their parts, I wouldn’t want to even attempt to have a go.

Q: From @snazzynicole If there was a play about Sir Leon, what do you think it would be about?
A: It would be a comedy musical, very rude and epically long.

Q: How do you manage learning all the lines for nine plays?
A: It hasn’t been as daunting as it should be, as the writing is so fantastic. The better written it is, the easier it is to learn.

Q: What advice do you have for someone just starting out in the industry?
A: Never try to emulate anybody else’s career. Try and take every opportunity offered to you, you never know what it might lead to. Keep a sense of humour! Challenge yourself and remember it’s a long game.

Q: From @snazzynicole What’s your favorite thing to do after a long day of working?
A: Sleep x

That’s all we have time for! Thanks to @RupertFYoung and everyone who sent in questions. Catch #TonightAt830 at Nuffield before it closes.

Thank you kindly, Rupert and Nuffield Theatre!

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