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MCM Expo, Birmingham (2013)

Yesterday I did hie me to the MCM Expo in Birmingham, to see the Merlin Knights: Alexander Vlahos (Mordred), Eoin Macken (Gwaine) and Rupert.

My husband is currently working in Birmingham, so he decided to stay on an extra day. I stayed with him at his hotel on the Friday night, and then he went to work on Saturday while I went to the con. We’d agreed that he would pick me up at about 3pm, after the Merlin Knights panel. All of which is probably of no interest to you, dear Reader, but it does have a bearing on how my day went!

And the day was a very very long one, with hours and hours of queuing, rewarded by fleeting moments of sheer joy. At times I almost lost the will to live. However, I got to chat with my fellow lovely Merlin fans, and it all ended on an unexpected high note, so it’s all good.

autograph queue

I rocked up around 10am, and bought my ‘official photo shoot’ tickets. Then headed to the autograph session to find that the con organisers were already closing the queue, which was huge. The fannish response for our beloved knights was absolutely massive throughout the day, and perhaps surprised everyone. Queues had to be closed; the photo shoots sold out; the seating for the panel was chock-a-block. I’m sure heaps of people missed out one way or another, which is very sad-making. So much for the ‘demise’ of Merlin the show! Obviously the fannish love continues strong.

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MCM Expo, Birmingham (2012)

Three of the Merlin Knights – Rupert Young ♥ (Sir Leon), Tom Hopper (Sir Percival) and Adetomiwa Edun (Sir Elyan) – attended the MCM Expo fan convention in Birmingham on Saturday 31 March. They were available for autographs much of the day, offered photo opportunities, and took part in a short panel. And Julie was lucky enough to be there!

Julie’s Report

I arrived a bit before 11, and the autograph queue was already in full swing. So I queued… Rupert was the first on the table. He was his usual delightful self. I complimented him on his recent turn as Prince Albert in The Charles Dickens Show on BBC2. (I have a bit of a thing for Prince Albert, so this was guaranteed to make me swoon.) Rupert seemed rather relieved when I assured him I hadn’t actually stayed up to watch the original broadcast at 3:30am, but instead caught it on iPlayer. He knew I’d be interested that it was directed by Metin Huseyin, who also directed three episodes of Merlin in 2009.

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