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“Rupert Young” by 1883 Magazine (2022)

Interview by Sydney Bolen with Rupert about Bridgerton’s second season – featuring some truly delightful photos by Mark Cant, with Rupert styled by Ellie Witt.

Find the interview on (This was published for their April issue, but I can’t find an exact date.)

Rupert Young’s empathic sensibilities coupled with his talent create authentic and compelling portrayals of easily disliked characters.

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“The ‘Bridgerton’ Cast Questionnaire” by shondaland (2022)

Another wonderful piece by Valentina Valentini on our Rupert!

Find the questionnaire on Rupert shares lots of lovely thoughts on his own family, and then finishes on a delightful high note:

Is there a character in the series, who is not your own, whom you are drawn to or can relate to, and why?

Eloise. I love the way she doesn’t want to conform to what society expects of her and tries to live her life on her own terms.

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“‘Bridgerton’ Has a New Lord Featherington” by shondaland (2022)

Wonderful interview by Valentina Valentini with Rupert about joining Bridgerton’s second season… but beware spoilers!

Find the interview on

Rupert Young talks about joining the mega hit, and those spicy scenes between Lord and Lady F.

Bonus: There is also a Telegraph interview with Polly Walker (who plays Lady Featherington). It’s behind a membership wall, but this Twitter thread provides a good summary. Among other things, Polly says:

There’s not a lot of room for the exploration of mature love in the marriage mart world of Bridgerton. … it’s so good that they’ve shown that people over 25 have feelings, desires and needs.


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other news

25 March 2022: Rupert’s brother Justin Young is listed as executive producer and head writer for the first episode of Sanditon season 2.

12 September 2019: Rupert’s brother Justin Young co-wrote four episodes of the recent TV series Sanditon (2019), Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. Justin wrote episodes 3, 4, 6 and 7, and acted as series consultant throughout the first season.

14 July 2019: Rupert was to have been a guest at the convention Myth & Magic in Birmingham, England on 17-19 April 2020, along with fellow Merlin alumni Emilia Fox (Morgause), Fintan McKeown (King Odin), Michelle Ryan (Nimueh) and Alex Vlahos (Mordred). Unfortunately Rupert will no longer be able to attend this convention. Alex and the other Merlin actors will be there, though!

25 April 2019: Rupert was to have been a guest at the convention Magic Con to be held in Bonn, Germany on 26-28 April 2019, along with Alex Vlahos (Mordred in Merlin). Unfortunately, Rupert had to cancel with short notice, due to “a new filming role”.

5 December 2018: Rupert was to have been a guest at the convention Highway to Albion in Paris on 26 January 2019. Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to low ticket sales. Alas and alack!!!

19 September 2018: Rupert was to have attended the convention MCM Comic Con Scotland in Glasgow on 22-23 September 2018, along with Merlin’s Alex Vlahos (Mordred). Unfortunately, Rupert had to cancel with short notice, due to a change in rehearsal schedule for Twelfth Night. He sent his sincere apologies.

22 June 2018: Rupert was the first guest announced as attending Celtic Reminders, a Merlin convention to be held in Paris on 13-14 October 2018. Unfortunately, however, this event has now been cancelled.

4 June 2015: Justin Young’s play In My Father’s Words is featuring in Brits Off Broadway! It runs from 4-28 June 2015 at 59E59 Theaters in New York. For more details, check the 59E59 website.

30 November 2014: Unfortunately Rupert couldn’t attend Wales Comic Con 2014 Part 2 in Wrexham on Sunday 30 November. It seems this was because he went to the Supanova conventions in Australia in lieu of Eoin Macken and Alex Vlahos.

19 June 2014: Rupert’s brother Justin Young wrote a play titled In My Father’s Words which was performed at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow on 19-28 June 2014, before touring Scotland throughout July. See the Dundee Rep Ensemble page for full details.

Pre-Premiere Photo Shoot (2022)

Our dear Lord Rupert has tended to keep his private life private, which I know we all respected. However, his preparations for the Bridgerton s2 premiere led to him sharing the following story on Instagram.

Rupert: Here is the incredible outfit from @azfactory Verity was going to wear to the Bridgerton 2 Premiere.

Rupert’s long-time love Verity is looking gorgeous in her AZ Factory outfit for the premiere – a green skirt with black top and shoes, and coordinated black mask.

Then this happened….


Oh noes! Darn pandemic! (Spoiler: All seems well now.)

So we had to get our resident 4 year old photographer to take a photo in our kitchen instead of the red carpet.

Awww… Rupert and Verity have a child! (And one that can operate a smartphone! Is that par for the course these days?) I’m sure they make for a delightful family; the toys on the floor say “happy home” to me.

Also: Rupert in a dark green velvet suit! {swoons} An elegant tribute to the Featherington family’s penchant for colourful clothes. And I love how coordinated our lord and his lady are, black masks and all.

As is proper, Rupert tags the sources of their finery. Verity’s outfit is from AZ Factory. Rupert’s outfit is from Turnbull & Asser, his shoes are from Grenson Shoes, and he was styled by Ellie Witt.

So had to stand on my own

Aw, poor Rupert on his own on the premiere’s red carpet…

With a lovely smile – and one last shout-out to FACEGYM!

Thank you @facegym for getting my face premiere ready

(Eagle-eyed fans will notice there was one more photo or video in Rupert’s story – which I didn’t save. From memory, it was the Bridgerton 2 trailer…?)

Thank you, Rupert, for sharing these glimpses into your life with us, and for telling such an engaging story. You look so happy! Which makes me happy. Love to all of you from all of us. ♥

Are we all small …

… or is Rupert tall?

The latter is true! And tbh I think he only gets taller.

Check out this delightful Instagram post from Lucy Anderson, who plays Rupert’s stage-daughter in Dear Evan Hansen. The cast and the show received numerous nominations in the Olivier Awards 2020. Lucy was congratulating the Olivier Awards 2022 nominees, while sharing an earlier photo of the DEH cast.

Are we all small or is @rupertfyoung tall?
Sending my congratulations to all those nominated at this year’s @olivierawards.
Whether you’re a nominee, an actor, someone who works in technical theatre, an understudy or swing, a drama school student, a waitress who’s working in the day and learning audition sides at night, freelancer, someone working 3 jobs to be able to pay for classes and casting workshops.. everyone in this industry from top to bottom, left to right matters. Its been a very tough time. Covid has affected this industry and those involved in so many ways, more ways than even I’d imagined. But slowly and surely.. we’re coming back.
If you’re reading this lovely post about theatre.. may I also draw your attention to the crisis in Ukraine.
Donate. Spread resources. Even if all you’re able to do is keep them in your thoughts, it’s enough. 🇺🇦

P.S. See this post for an instance of Rupert looking (slightly) smaller by comparison!