Pre-Premiere Photo Shoot (2022)

Our dear Lord Rupert has tended to keep his private life private, which I know we all respected. However, his preparations for the Bridgerton s2 premiere led to him sharing the following story on Instagram.

Rupert: Here is the incredible outfit from @azfactory Verity was going to wear to the Bridgerton 2 Premiere.

Rupert’s long-time love Verity is looking gorgeous in her AZ Factory outfit for the premiere – a green skirt with black top and shoes, and coordinated black mask.

Then this happened….


Oh noes! Darn pandemic! (Spoiler: All seems well now.)

So we had to get our resident 4 year old photographer to take a photo in our kitchen instead of the red carpet.

Awww… Rupert and Verity have a child! (And one that can operate a smartphone! Is that par for the course these days?) I’m sure they make for a delightful family; the toys on the floor say “happy home” to me.

Also: Rupert in a dark green velvet suit! {swoons} An elegant tribute to the Featherington family’s penchant for colourful clothes. And I love how coordinated our lord and his lady are, black masks and all.

As is proper, Rupert tags the sources of their finery. Verity’s outfit is from AZ Factory. Rupert’s outfit is from Turnbull & Asser, his shoes are from Grenson Shoes, and he was styled by Ellie Witt.

So had to stand on my own

Aw, poor Rupert on his own on the premiere’s red carpet…

With a lovely smile – and one last shout-out to FACEGYM!

Thank you @facegym for getting my face premiere ready

(Eagle-eyed fans will notice there was one more photo or video in Rupert’s story – which I didn’t save. From memory, it was the Bridgerton 2 trailer…?)

Thank you, Rupert, for sharing these glimpses into your life with us, and for telling such an engaging story. You look so happy! Which makes me happy. Love to all of you from all of us. ♥

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