breaking down the showreel

As you’ll have seen from previous posts, Rupert now has a showreel available on his page at Curtis Brown. You can also view it on Vimeo.

It’s nicely made, and includes a few surprises, so I thought I would break it down into clips. The links are to the pages on this site which feature the content.

[1] Businessman in an ad for Virgin Atlantic.

Then we segue into music: the song ‘Civilisation’ by Justice. I like the lyrics as a context for all these different roles!

[2] Sir Leon in TV series Merlin.

[3] Boyfriend (running backwards!) in a music video for the song ‘House of Glass’ by Worship.

[4] Unknown! A bit of urgent action, in regular shirt and trousers. (Sorry, I snagged the Vimeo icons there as well.)

[5] Mark Arlington in an episode of TV series Shameless.

[6] Sir Leon in Merlin again.

[7] Another unknown. A photocopier repair man who needs to make a speedy exit…?

[8] The utterly Shameless Marc Arlington again.

[9] Father in an ad for computer game Halo Reach.

[10] Derek in short film Just Because You’re Paranoid…

[11] Shameless again.

[12] Another unknown. A fine-looking man in a restaurant. (Perhaps the same source as #4 above?)

[13] Merlin again.

[14] A rather intriguing unknown. A father gapes up at a scantily-clad young woman – at a supermarket checkout?! – and turns his son’s head away.

[15] Unknown. He looks rather young here! Perhaps an ad for food.

[16] Unknown. Shaving – or at least trimming – the virile facial hair.

[17] Merlin again. Throwing Colin Morgan up against a wall, oh my.

[18] Adrian Pitts in two episodes of TV series Doc Martin.

[19] Mike in an episode of TV series Primeval. So handsome!

[20] Sascha in an ad for Swisscom. So sweet!

[21] British soldier in an episode of TV series Island at War.

[22] Drummer in an ad for Wii Music.

[23] Doc Martin again. So sleazy! He can play the best of men and the worst of men.

[24] The ad for Wii Music again.

[25] Shameless again. Having a heart attack!

[26] Merlin again.

[27] Island at War again.

[28] Merlin again.

[29] Unknown. Jogging along a seafront in bright trackpants!

[30] Merlin again.

[31] Doc Martin again.

[32] Merlin again.

[33] The ‘House of Glass’ music video again.

[34] More Merlin. A nicely done scene of him proudly defying Morgana.

[35] More Shameless. A longer snippet in which we realise the attractive surface hides a lack of moral centre!

[36] More Merlin.

[37] More Doc Martin. Another longer clip in which Adrian demonstrates he really is the pits.

[38] More Shameless.

[39] Crispin ‘Justice’ Lloyd in an episode of TV series Hotel Babylon.

[40] More Merlin, in which Sir Leon has to explain to King Uther that he’s been saved by SORCERY!

Back to the song ‘Civilisation’.

[41] More from ‘House of Glass’. He seems to have a talent for kissing.

[42] More Merlin.

[43] More Hotel Babylon.

[44] More Just Because You’re Paranoid…

[45] Doc Martin.

[46] Merlin.

[47] ‘House of Glass’.

[48] His name… and then (oops!) the details of his previous agent.

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