The Old Library Arts Centre, Acton (2014)

Rupert has expressed his eloquent support for this project!

update: Unfortunately this bid wasn’t successful, but they did make the final two projects to be considered by the Council. Wishing the team better luck next time!

The Old Library in Acton High Street, Acton in London originally opened in 1900, with 8000 volumes of ‘wholesome literature’. Over a hundred years later the building is vacant, and the Council wants to sell it. However, rather than letting the building fall into private hands, a team is looking to keep the building fully open to the public by converting it into an Arts Centre. This would be a multi-use location supporting theatre, film, music, dance, comedy, food, and education. The plan is for the project to be entirely self-funded throughout the conversion and onwards, via the team’s fundraising efforts.


You can read Rupert’s message on the project’s Facebook page. He said:

Acton is one of the most multi-cultural and diverse areas in London, and I believe one of the greatest things about drama and the arts is its ability to bring a community together (without prejudice and judgement.) To have this amazing arts complex – cinema, music, theatre, dance, cafe and restaurant – right in the heart of Acton, offering brilliant opportunities for people of all ages, will be a glorious and necessary addition to the High Street. It will turn Acton into a destination, and be a place where all people can come together to meet, experience, learn and excel at new skills, and…thrive.

Growing up, I was lucky to be able to go to the theatre regularly, and to take part in drama workshops. I know that without those opportunities, I would never have learned the self-confidence and the ability to communicate with people that I have today. The Old Library Arts Centre will offer the same kind of invaluable opportunities, so I fully support and back the project as a vital addition to the ongoing regeneration of Acton.

I guess no one can argue with that!

If you would like to join Rupert in supporting this project, you can:

  • Visit the team’s website and take the quick survey. Every survey taken will help the project in showing how much support exists.
  • Like the team on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
  • Get in touch and offer your help or ideas!
  • The gorgeous image is copyright by Colin Bays, and is used with great respect but without permission.

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