DIDN’T QUITE HAPPEN: ‘This Way Out’ crowdfunded short film (2012)

please note: Unfortunately filming for This Way Out had to go ahead without Rupert, due to his filming commitments with Merlin.

The film production company Forward Motion Pictures is currently seeking crowdfunding to help them make their next film titled This Way Out.

Why do I mention this here…? Because there is a chance that Rupert might be cast in it!

update: Here’s an interview in which Staten talks about hoping to cast Rupert.

Rupert featured in the company’s last short film, This Love, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. I decided to help fund This Way Out because I like what the Forward Motion Pictures peeps are all about. The bonus is that I am assured by Staten Cousins-Roe Himself that if Rupert’s filming schedule with Merlin allows, it is probable that Rupert will feature in this film as well.

Mind you, given that This Way Out is a black comedy about euthanasia, we might have to not mind watching Rupert’s character die!

If you would like to help produce this film – in a small, medium or large way – the crowdfunding page can be found on Sponsume here.

I know that even a handful of change can be hard to spare in these straitened days, and I cannot pretend this isn’t a luxury – but if you can spare £5 or more from the necessities of life, perhaps you’d like to help make this film happen.

update 4 Sep 12: The project has met its funding target of £2000, with six days to go! Hurrah! The new target of £2300 will mean more funds can go towards post-production work, so there’s still time to be involved.

update 10 Sep 12: The crowdfunding deadline has now passed, and the new target was met and surpassed! I’m sure we all wish Forward Motion Pictures well as they continue work on their film.

final update: Unfortunately filming had to go ahead without Rupert, due to his filming commitments with Merlin. But I’m sure the film will still be very worthwhile watching! Keep an eye out for it at a film festival near you!

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Thank you in anticipation!

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