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“I know you!”

Rupert caught up with fellow LAMDA graduate, Habib Nasib Nader, who is currently starring in Life of Pi at Wyndam’s Theatre in London’s West End. Habib celebrated with this Instagram post.

“I know you!”
It’s been a long time @rupertfyoung ! Since graduating @lamdadrama in 2003, life has taken us in many different directions but it feels so good to now have you as a @dmtwestend neighbour in @dehwestend The noisy next door neighbours have arrived! 🐅 🛶 🦓 🦧 🐢 Great to catch up.

“You Will Be Found” in Rehearsals (2021)

The full Dear Evan Hansen West End cast rehearsing on 9 October 2021 or thereabouts, in anticipation of at last returning to the stage on 26 October.

They totally nail the song “You Will Be Found”, of course – but this is also worth watching for Rupert (a) totally rocking his Bridgerton sideburns and (b) still taking this mask stuff seriously. (God I love this man… ♥)

“Why Jack From Bridgerton Season 2 Looks So Familiar” by Looper (2021)

Sabienna Bowman explains why we recognise Jack from Bridgerton Season 2!

The ton is absolutely buzzing about the latest additions to the cast of Bridgerton season 2, including the mysterious Jack played by Rupert Young. Even though he’s not a household name just yet, fans of British TV have likely seen Young before. The 42-year-old actor has been working steadily since 2004, and has managed to make small appearances in everything from Doc Martin to Doctor Who.

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