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Vital Signs (2006)

Rupert had a small uncredited role in this tv series.

  • Episode 1.2 (27 April 2006)
  • Director:Charles Palmer

This show is about a group of mature-age medical students, and it’s really rather good! (Steven Waddington is great value, as usual, as the protagonist’s husband, as is Claudie Blakley as her best friend.) One of the students lives in residences, and is plagued by the party habits of the younger students. Rupert is one of those younger students. He only appears in two very brief scenes, and has an even briefer line in each.

Rupert in Vital Signs
Rupert in Vital Signs
Rupert in Vital Signs
Rupert in Vital Signs
  • These screenshots are shared with respect but without permission. All rights remain with ITV.

Cymbeline, London (2005)

I’ve lucked upon these production photos from Rupert’s performance in Cymbeline, which dates back to 2005. I’m afraid I don’t know who the photographer is, but will give credit where it’s due as soon as I can figure it out!

Rupert played Guiderius, with Dominic Marsh as Arviragus and Terence Wilton as Belarius.

Cymbeline (2005)

Rupert played the character Guiderius in this rarely performed Shakespeare play.

  • Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, London (10 June – 3 September 2005)
  • Director: Rachel Kavanaugh


Charles Spencer in The Telegraph (13 June 2005): ‘And there is strong support from … Rupert Young and Dominic Marsh as Imogen’s long-lost, hilariously hearty brothers who range round the mountains of Wales like superannuated boy scouts.’