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    • voicing the role of Cicero’s friend Atticus in a new Big Finish series of audio plays called Cicero, which is being released in May 2018. It is currently available for pre-order. I found Cicero following a heads-up from Angie about Rupert also being part of the Big Finish adaptation of Dracula. Thank you, Angie!
    • the first guest announced as attending Celtic Reminders, a Merlin convention to be held in Paris on 13-14 October 2018. Hurrah! Up to another three guests will be announced.
    • attending Medway Comic and Screen Festival on 24 March 2018, along with Alex Vlahos (Mordred in Merlin). Rupert isn’t listed on the official website yet, but it has been announced by Dan John, who manages his event appearances.
    • attending EM-CON Worcester on 8 April 2018 as a media guest, with autographs and photographs available.
    • appearing in Will, a 10-episode series on Shakespeare with a rock n’ roll aesthetic. It looks like the sort of thing you’ll either love or hate – and I’m hoping I’ll love it! IMDB page, with no listing for Rupert. Confirmed with Rupert, who says he’s playing Sir Walter Raleigh! Release date of 10 July in the US and 20 September in Spain. update: He is now listed on IMDB as appearing in the episode 104 “Brave New World”.

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The following entries have been updated:

  • 6 December: New pages for Rupert’s seasonal readings at the Carols in the City event for Marie Curie, and for the rehearsed reading of The Norwegians. I’ve also updated the biography page to reflect his move to the Curtis Brown talent agency. And I gave up waiting on more info, and created a page for Writers Retreat.
  • 17 September: New page for People Just Do Nothing.
  • 29 July: I found some photos of Rupert behind the scenes of Much Ado about Nothing in 2010, and created a gallery page here.
  • 28 July: New page for the post-show talk for While the Sun Shines.
  • 19 July: Lovely photo tweeted by director Christopher Luscombe added to the random category!
  • 15 July: I’ve added production photos to the gallery page for While the Sun Shines.
  • 13 July: New page on While the Sun Shines.
  • 6 July: New gallery page with lovely photos by Tristram Kenton of Rupert, Alexandra and Tamla rehearsing for While the Sun Shines.
  • 1 June: New page reporting on the post-show talk for The Philanderer.
  • 16 May: New production photos of The Philanderer added to the gallery page.
  • 12 May: New page on The Philanderer, and I’ve included more photos on the gallery page, too.
  • 4 May: New page linking to an interview by the Surrey Comet re The Philanderer.
  • 27 April: New gallery page featuring rehearsal photos from The Philanderer, kindly provided by the Orange Tree Theatre!
  • 27 March: New (old!) photos discovered from the Cymbeline production of 2005. I’ve also added new photos to the High Society gallery, and created a page for a 2013 interview at Collectormania by The Jitty.
  • 27 January 2016: New page about the Componere interview here.
  • 13 December: My mate Shell found Rupert in a Bet Victor ad, and I’ve posted about it here.
  • 10 December: Unfortunately Rupert couldn’t attend Carols in the City, but I went anyway and posted about it here.
  • 29 November: I just had a bit of fun with one of Ian Philips-McLaren’s gorgeous photos!
  • 19 August: Photographer Ian Philips-McLaren has recently done a lovely photo shoot with Rupert. I’ve copied one here, but do visit his blog and show him some love! Thanks to Manuela for the heads-up!
  • 9 August: Rupert’s nephews are obviously huge fans, too.
  • 13 June: Bradley James (Arthur in BBC Merlin) went to see Rupert in High Society, and took a great photo of him afterwards. You can see it here.
  • 19 May: I attended the High Society post-show Q+A, and wrote it up here. I also added the photo that my Mr B took at the stage door on 16 May.
  • 17 May: I’ve created a gallery page for High Society rehearsal / production photos.
  • 16 May: The reviews are out for High Society following Press Night on 14 May. I’ve updated the High Society page with snippets mentioning Rupert. It’s fair to say that reviews of Rupert and the show generally are fairly mixed.
  • 3 May: I’ve finally added some photos to the Tonight at 8:30 gallery, that were available via the Oxford Playhouse site. Thanks to Manuela for the heads-up.
  • 1 May: New page on High Society!
  • 13 February 2015: I’ve included Rupert’s headshot, now that the Old Vic has shared a lovely large version of it. No idea when this was taken, or by whom, but it’s the shot seen most often in theatre programs and so on.
  • 16 December: Rupert shared some great photos of himself at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, taken during his recent trip to attend the Supanova conventions. I’ve posted them here, here and here. Click on each image to go to his original Tweet. I’ve also updated the Wizard Con post to include a new photo of Rupert.
  • 6 December: A new post about an interesting quote Rupert has ‘printed on my wall’! Also, a new interview with Soot Magazine, and a post for the Supanova conventions.
  • 25 November: A follow-up interview with The Iris.
  • 19 November: A new interview with The Iris. Thank you to Bess for the link!
  • 7 November: A new page for the Old Library Arts Centre Acton project, to which Rupert has lent his support.
  • 15 October: A new page for Half My Age Plus Seven.
  • 23 July: A new page for Wizard Con.
  • 16 June: I updated the Merlin page with some thoughts on the chivalrous Sir Leon.
  • 14 June: Eoin Macken (Gwaine in Merlin) provides us with another couple of random photos here and here… bless the man!
  • 13 June: Following my transfer to a new web host, I have finally got everything up to date, including the galleries. Hurrah!
  • 3 June: New post on the Matisse Live event, and new photo added to the Tonight at 8:30 gallery.
  • 21 May: Thanks to Nuffield Theatre, Rupert, and a friend who kindly compiled it all, we now have a post featuring a Twitter Q+A with Rupert!
  • 15 May: Thanks to Manuela, we now have a post re an ad for Targo Bank.
  • 13 May: Nuffield Theatre has very kindly uploaded production photos as well, so they have been added to the Tonight at 8:30 gallery post.
  • 11 May: A new post reporting on the series of one-act plays Tonight at 8:30.
  • 15 April: A new post featuring the rehearsal photos for Tonight at 8:30. Later, updated the RingCon 2013 post with a video of an interview with Rupert.
  • 8 March: A new post has been added for Halo: Reach, and I’ve updated the post for This Love with some goodies. Thanks to Manuela for the help!
  • 3 March: New post and gallery added for Cardiff Film & Comic Con!
  • 14 February: New affiliates added!
  • 6 February 2014: New post for an uncredited appearance in a Doctor Who episode – which I’ve since found out didn’t actually occur! And I finally uploaded a few more fan photos from ColdCon2.
  • 5 August: New post for the ColdCon2 convention in London. More photos will be available soon!
  • 20 July: New post for the MCM Comic Con convention in Manchester. And I just realised I hadn’t listed this con under ‘current news’ – sorry!
  • 8 July: New posts for the Supanova conventions in Australia, and for The White Queen. Video of an interview added to the Collectormania post.
  • 11 June: New posts for advertising for Vodafone Deustchland and Philadelphia Simply Stir.
  • 11 June: New posts for Merlin-related interviews with Curt Wagner of RedEye Chicago ‘Show Patrol’ here, here and here, and with Noelene Clark of The Los Angeles Times ‘Hero Complex’ here.
  • 11 May: New post for an interview with Jenna Busch.
  • 8 April: New post for Rupert’s appearance in Much Ado About Nothing.
  • 31 March: New ‘random’ image from Rupert Himself of Him and His chick celebrating Easter.
  • 17 March: New page for Rupert’s appearance at the MCM Expo, Manchester on 16 March.
  • 12 March: Various bits and pieces, including new pages for Merlin publicity work in 2011: Rupert’s TV Blog; an interview on Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Windup; an interview on BBC One’s Breakfast; an interview on Channel 4’s T4; an interview with Gemma Cairney on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Also, an audio of Rupert singing ♥ has been added to the Company page.
  • 23 February: New gallery of images from filming Merlin in Pierrefonds in September 2012.
  • 23 February: New post for Rupert’s episode of The Confessions of Dorian Gray.
  • 23 February: New post for Rupert’s hilarious interview with Bradley James about Sir Leon being the real star of Merlin.
  • 23 February: New post for Rupert’s appearance at the National Television Awards.
  • 23 February 2013: New post for Rupert’s opening of the Godolphin and Latymer school fayre.
  • 12 October: New post for a very sexy photo shoot for Marie Claire!
  • 24 August: Julie’s full report on the Sondheim Society Summer School has now been posted, along with some photos of Rupert.
  • 13 August: Our second random image comes from Rupert ‘Longshanks’ Young Himself, who is apparently sunning himself somewhere nice… though I don’t know who’s looking at the scenery right now…
  • 11 August: New post for the Virgin Atlantic ad.
  • 11 August: New post for the short film Helen and Ben.
  • 11 August: New post about the crowdfunded short film This Way Out.
  • 2 July: New gallery focussing on Rupert filming Merlin at Pierrefonds.
  • 25 May: Our first random image comes from Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine in Merlin) who is obviously also a Rupert fan.
  • 20 May: New gallery for Rupert’s appearance at Celebrity Soccer Six.
  • 14 May: New post for the short film This Love.
  • 14 May: New post for Rupert’s uncredited role in Vital Signs.
  • 6 May: Screenshots added to Dirty, Filthy Love. Unfortunately bearing no relation to the film’s title.
  • 6 May 2012: We’re proudly adding new links and affiliates! Please comment or email if you’d like a link for a Rupert-related site or page.

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    I’d love to have my Rupert Young blog (the first on tumblr) added to your affiliates!

    1. Thank you, Bess! I’ve finally managed to include these details on the page. Apologies for being so tardy, but I’ve been travelling, and had other things on my over-burdened little mind. I hope you enjoy the play! :-)

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